🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆

🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆


Beauty Routine Smart Mirror: Improve your favorite daily task

The average woman spends an hour in front of the mirror every day. Now, that is to say, we all know someone who could spend three hours gazing at their own reflection and maybe that one person who always forgets to check if they have something in their teeth. What takes up the most time out of everything is applying makeup. 

What if you could shorten your beauty routine? What if you could do more in the time that you have getting ready in the mornings or before a night out? 

What if you could analyze your skin? 

Ok, so maybe that sounds a bit too eager for a Wishlist. You could go through hundreds of vanity mirrors, and they aren’t going to have that. Perhaps a wall mounted lighted makeup mirror? A mouthful but still not going to have a skin analyzer or have Bluetooth.

Have you ever heard of a smart beauty mirror?

These are makeup mirrors with lights or bathroom mirrors with LEDs that have a touchscreen, connect to your Wi-Fi, and control all your smart devices with Bluetooth. 

This article will explore how a smart mirror or magic mirror can improve your beauty routine and make sure that you leave your house every day looking your absolute best. 

What is a Smart Beauty Mirror?

smart beauty mirror

A smart beauty mirror functions as a standard makeup mirror but is equipped with lights and a touch screen interface. The lights have a variety of brightness settings to apply makeup for any occasion. You will know exactly how you will look for a candlelight dinner or at a football game under iridescent lights. 

The touch screen interface lets you use all your favorite apps, check the time and weather, and stream videos while looking at your reflection. The mirror has Bluetooth, so you can play video and have the sound come from your Bluetooth speaker while also connecting to your garage door to let your partner in. Imagine the possibilities of sitting in your bedroom or standing in your bathroom while controlling everything with the flick of your finger. 

Only some of the best smart beauty mirrors are equipped with a skin analyzer. This built-in scanner will read your face and tell you precisely what creams to use, the right shade of makeup, and where to place coverup. A bit invasive scanning all of your pores, but our eyes can only catch so much. The skin analyzer takes over and is basically a personal dermatologist to let you know your skin is healthy and how to keep up its glow. 

How to Improve Your Beauty Routine with a Smart Mirror

Currently with so many technological options on the market, it does not make sense to continuously buy a new vanity mirror every time the old one stops working or becomes damaged. The best vanity mirrors out their costs hundreds of dollars for literally a mirror with lights. A smart mirror is a much better investment because you are buying a product that will last you years, has the same movie star lighting features as the best vanity mirrors, and gives you the same functionality as a smartphone. 

Too often, we are using three devices at the same time while we apply makeup. We have our phones playing music or showing a makeup tutorial. We have the T.V blaring the news in the background, and we are answering emails from our laptop. If we had 8 arms, we could even take care of our kids like this, but unfortunately, we are always running around. What was supposed to be a quick 30-minute makeup session turns into two hours. Google Home or Alexa help, but they still have trouble understanding basic commands or your grandma’s accent. A smart mirror combines all these devices into one piece of technology and lets you focus on one thing at a time, like your face.

With a smart beauty mirror, you can be streaming a makeup tutorial, getting constant news and weather updates, and listening to your favorite music, all while applying eye liner. The smart device eliminates the need to multitask, and you can get real-time tips from your favorite stars. 

The steps to improve your beauty routine with a smart mirror

  • Use the Skin analyzer to get your daily reads on blemishes or 
  • Choose your favorite makeup
  • Set the lighting to the ambiance that you are looking for
  • Enter YouTube and choose your favorite makeup tutorial or song
  • Connect to your Bluetooth speaker for added volume
  • Follow along with your reflection
  • You can check for notifications and have multiple apps running at the same time

The best smart beauty mirror can be affordable

beauty routine

Although a relatively new product on the market, most smart beauty mirrors come in various sizes. The most popular come with a stand and are less than twenty inches in diameter. This is an enticing option to place on any table or surface but may still cause some strain to your neck. You may end up spending three hundred dollars on a tablet with LED lights, or worse, you purchase one, and you stop using it when a better version comes out. 

It might be better to take inspiration from a wall-mounted makeup mirror. By hanging the smart beauty mirror on the wall, you invest in a fixture of your home for years to come. This investment should be affordable and accessible to anyone that desires to improve their beauty routine with modern technology. The best smart beauty mirrors offer payment plans for even less than your monthly phone bill. Plus, you can save space for all of your makeup while the lights shine at your perfect angle. 

The best smart beauty mirror can be paired with a smart scale to provide a complete picture of your beauty and health. You can track your progress towards your weight goals and monitor your body fat and muscle mass. Some smart mirrors can cost upwards of six thousand dollars. If you want the full functionality of Bluetooth, smart home integration, speakers, and a touch screen, you will have to consider what is best for your budget. 

Luckily, an affordable option exists. Hilo Light combines all the best features of a smart beauty mirror, and it amplifies them with the capabilities of a touch screen smart mirror. It is twenty inches in diameter and easily fits on any wall in your home. The LED lights have motion sensors and will light up as soon as you approach the mirror. You can even take calls with its built-in microphone. No more struggling with your phone while applying makeup. 

Try Hilo Light and immediately start getting in-depth analytics into your skin and physical health. Take your self-care to the next level while eliminating the need to multitask with multiple devices. Spend less time getting ready and more time doing the things you love while looking your best. 

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