Face AR for eCommerce & Retail

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AR Technologies to Boost Your Business

Increase customer engagement and leverage your business with our state-od-art AR and IA products Inspire, Engage And Retain In-Store Clients With High-Performing AR Features & Effects

How It work?

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We Offer

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Realistic guided virtual try-on

  • Cutting-edge facial recognition and analysis
  • Complete look and single product try-on
  • Gift selection for friends and dearest ones
  • Multi-platform and multi-device support
    • In store (Using the mirror)

    • Extend the experience to (Mobile iOS, Android and web browsers)

Why Choose Guided Virtual Try-On

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''In-store guided virtual Try-On helped us and our customers fall back in love with our in-store shopping experience. We have never seen so much conversion from the moment we installed the mirrors''

Clara Perbet – Innovation Director | Wella 

''It only takes 60 days for a return on investment. Hilo's presence in stores increased the value of the shopping cart by 14X''

Sarah Marchio – VP Marketing and Design | BareMinerals

''The mirror allows customers to buy all the brand’s products. even if they are not available in stores, they are sent by the mirror directly to the customer’s door by mail.''

Jessica Jackson – Head of Ecommerce | MECCA Brand

‘’We have small stores with limited inventory capabilities. Hilo automated system will send automatically the out-of-stock items from the warehouse instead of the store. As a retailer, you don’t lose that sale as you typically would if inventory weren’t available on-hand.’’

Roseanne Fema - Vice President Of Product Development | IT Cosmetics

In-Store Virtual Try-On Experience

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Beauty Augmented Reality Mirror enables real-time face Virtual Try-On for cosmetics, hair color and Glasses fitting and measurements with fast and accurate performance

The AI and AR work on real time while using in-store smart mirror. With just a minute, users can apply virtually dozens

  • Makeup
  • Glasses
  • Hair colors

Why Hilo?

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  • Maximise user engagement with facial enhancements.
  • Inspire social interactions by removing barriers to interaction such as a lack of self-confidence.
  • Our rigorously trained and tested algorithms improve your Go-To-Market strategy.
  • We also extend the Beauty Mirror Store experience to your website and iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Hilo’s R&D specialists cater to more complex requirements involving custom tech dev.
  • Long-term commitment to delivering new features developed by our R&D team.
  • Trusted by global enterprise partners


Prizes and Awards

  • Startup Montreal | Innovation of the Year 2022
  • Ministry of Tourism | Incubator Prize 2022
  • C2 Montreal | Emerging Entrepreneur of the year 2022
  • Desjardins | Fonds-C Prize – 2021
  • IF Product Design Award | Finalist Design of the year 2020