🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆

🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆


What is a Bluetooth Mirror ?

Imagine waking up, and instead of starting your day with some tunes on your phone, you listened from your bathroom mirror? It sounds a bit Sci-fi and reminiscent of BladeRunner, but there are now a ton of Bluetooth mirrors on the market at affordable prices. 

Don’t be confused with other mirrors that only connect to your phone and act as a pair of speakers and lights. The best-in-class Bluetooth mirrors act as displays similar to the homepage on your phone. You can stream anything, including calendars, time, the weather forecast, news, emails, social media updates, and music. Bluetooth mirrors are not just limited to connecting to your phone. They can connect to a set of speakers to transform your bathroom into a concert hall. They can connect to your toothbrush, smart scale, or smartwatch and project the data on the mirror. 

Before you know it, you can be living in 2035 with a full orchestra to serenade your morning routine while brushing your teeth, checking your emails, and staring at your beautiful face. Have a look at the article below to see why Bluetooth mirrors are becoming the must-have item for any modern home. 

How does the Bluetooth mirror work?

Bluetooth technology is based on short-range radio signals that form a network. Most electronic devices these days have a Bluetooth component, and it is the basis for what allows us to control smart home appliances. The concept was created by Dr. Jaap Haartsen in 1994 for the first cell phones and named after a Viking King who ruled over Denmark and Norway in the 10th century. 

It is highly improbable that either Bluetooth the Viking king or Dr. Jaap Haartsen ever thought their technology would be used for bathroom mirrors, but there have been stranger developments in this world. A Bluetooth mirror acts as a component in a more extensive system of all your devices. You can turn on your Bluetooth mirror, and it will send radio waves to connect with another one of your Bluetooth devices. 

How do you connect to a Bluetooth mirror?

bluetooth mirror

  1. Please turn on your Bluetooth mirror by merely touching it.
  2. Put your Bluetooth device into pairing mode (usually it’s blinking blue light). The pairing of each device will be complete once you hear the confirmation noise.

How do you use the Hilo XL or Hilo Light like a Bluetooth impressions vanity?

One of the features that sets the Hilo™ Light apart from other Bluetooth mirrors is the ability to display makeup tutorials while starting the perfect makeup application. The LED lights provide the perfect brightness to avoid missing anything as you prep for a night out. You won’t have to keep glancing at your phone and inevitably strain your neck because your makeup guide is right under your reflection. 

  1. Select the lighting feature on your home-screen to adjust your brightness.
  2. Touch the Youtube app widget and search for your favorite makeup tutorial.
  3. Apply Makeup and slay.

How is the Hilo Light like a Bluetooth mirror? 

The Hilo™ Light is the perfect size for any bathroom. It comes with an anti-fog feature to always display a clear image despite the temperature of your shower. It is Bluetooth enabled, so if the stereo speakers are not enough, you can pair it directly with any Bluetooth speaker. The mirror comes equipped with LED lights for perfect lighting and a motion detector that automatically turns it on. The mirror is water-resistant and has access to all the same apps as the Hilo™ XL.

The Hilo™ XL is larger than the Hilo™ Light and perfect for either a bathroom, bedroom, or living room wall. You can connect your Hilo to any of your Bluetooth health devices, such as a smart scale, smartwatch, or sleep monitor. Listen to your favorite music as you start your morning routine and check your current health stats. The large screen allows you to be immersed in fitness classes and still watch your movements. Upgrade your lifestyle and choose the smart mirror that fits best in your modern home. 

Many high-tech smart mirrors come with contracts. Hilo will never charge subscription fees to give you access to all the features that await your home.

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