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Myth about breaking a mirror is considered as 7 years of bad luck

A Myth, Intrigue or fiction?

Breaking a mirror is a myth as there are various superstitions about, why some cultures consider broken mirrors to be seven times bad luck. There is a common belief that a cracked mirror brings pessimism since the mirror is the reflection of the inner self besides outer personality hence broken mirror is conjugated with ill- fortune for the seven years consecutively.


What is 7 years of misfortune in case you broke a mirror?

Intrigue and myth were hard to imagine as the source of good and bad luck. It is the myth of ancient Romans that life regains itself after every seven years so breaking a mirror influences life in a negative way for continuously seven years. After that life of humans would have been on the right path after the next seven years.

Is breaking a mirror bad luck?

Psychological effects of broken mirrors

Broken mirror credulity can affect your psychology that can fuel the feelings of isolation, frustration, anxiety and even depression as in this competitive era influence negatively to your emotional well-being, social well-being, and your self-concept or identity.


Effects on personality of broken mirrors.

Uneven size of cracked mirror reflects your personality negatively and can cause mental stress while you break a mirror as this can distort the look of your face and overall physique while looking at the broken mirror.


Breaking a mirror curse for business

If you broke a mirror at a workplace intentionally or unintentionally, it may dampen business growth and flow of money in a business activity.

Can breaking a mirror turn bad luck into good luck?

Reuse the broken mirror.

You can reuse the cracked mirror for decoration as a beautiful piece which can be an easy addition to any outer part of your home. Not only will it glamour your lawn, but it can also be a great solution to reuse shattered mirror pieces as a craft.


Crush the broken mirror to regain positive energy in full moon.

Don’t panic if you break the mirror, grind the pieces of the broken mirror and during the next full moon. Looking into the reflection of the full moon would turn the bad luck into good fortune.

Spill the salt on your shoulders


Another way to gain good luck through spilling salt over your shoulder. This is the most preferred way to avoid bad luck. It is just to rectify the salt that would blind the devil and get relief from negative effects of broken mirror bad luck.


Turn broken mirror into black with flame.

Flame the fragments of broken mirror, turn it into black and bury it exactly one year later to eliminate negative energy. In this way you can remove the darkness of your life.


Ward off bad luck of broken mirror during full moon with its large piece.

Take a broken mirror piece to the full moon. This will ward off bad luck by taking a single piece of the cracked mirror, choosing the biggest piece that can reflect. Burry the piece of mirror or keep it.


Don’ t worry because of a broken mirror just spin yourself 3 times!

To get rid of a broken mirror’s misfortune, one of the easiest ways is to spin yourself counter clockwise for just three times because it is the best way to perplex the bad evils and to gain an optimistic conscience.

Gain fortune while making a toss of broken mirror in the south stream.

Although the next tip will take time, it is also considered an effective remedy to cure the bad luck of a broken mirror, which is to toss the distorted mirror into a south running stream. In this way you can get a chance to wash out your bad luck in just a few hours. Even this is possible in a bathtub in the south direction to get the same effects.


Touching the broken piece of mirror to the Tombstone

In this method, take a single piece of the broken mirror and touch it into a tombstone. While doing so immediately you will be able to abandon the misfortune of breaking a mirror seven year due to breaking a mirror.


Immerse the pieces of broken mirror.

Dig a hole on the earth into the deep where evils can not reach then bury the pieces of cracked mirror under the earth to dampen the bad luck in the night because at night there would be less reflection mirror.

In a nutshell, breaking a mirror is not a major cause of concern as these are the few tips that you can try to avoid the bad luck of seven years and to gain your conscience. Apart from this, try to avoid looking at yourself in the broken mirror as it shows distortions which might worsen your soul with evil thoughts.

What do you think? Is it a Myth, Intrigue or fiction?

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