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Small Space Home Gym Ideas

Small Space is not an excuse to not workout

Before the pandemic and the ensued lockdown, gym houses were many people’s favorite exercise avenue. However, it has been difficult for some people to keep up with their workout routine at home. Most often, they give the excuse that there is not enough room in their homes for exercising. Well, what if you can still workout without necessarily dedicating a whole room for a gym or rearranging to provide more space. That little garage, verandah, passage, or even in your bedroom can fit perfectly well for all your workout. If you want to know how you can use small spaces to work out, keep reading. Below are some of the best small space home gym ideas.


Different Options for Small Space Home Gym Ideas

While the gym is full of different workout equipment for your exercise routine, you can use many workout ideas to create a perfect small space home gym. These ideas are easy to use and inexpensive. And they provide the same result as a typical gym workout. They are a mat, resistance bands, wall anchors for resistance bands, smart mirror, adjustable dumbbells, foldable bench, and door frame pull up bars.

Gym Mat

Mat is like the foundation of your workout and is one of the inexpensive workout equipment. The best gym mats are durable and sturdy enough to withstand high-intensity exercises. They provide anti-slip features that make them grippy and absorb intense impact during activities like weight lifting. This is the most common small space home gym idea.

small space home gym ideas

Mats come in different shapes and sizes. They are suitable for yoga practice, floor exercises like sit-ups, press-ups, pilates, core work, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). When shopping for workout mats, there are some features you need to consider. These include:

  • Space:​ The size of the mat you choose should fit perfectly into the assigned area for the gym at home
  • Durability: The mat should be thick enough to withstand high-intensity exercises like​ weight-lifting.
  • Cushioned surface: A well-cushioned surface mat provides enough cushion and​ smoothness for comfort, balance, and stability. It should not be too harsh on the body.
  • Portability: Since we are focused on making do with a small space home gym, the mat should​ be easy to fold and portable enough to move around or carry along for trips.

Grip: The mat should have a firm grasp on any surface not to move around while​ exercising


Resistance Band

This is the second best small space home gym idea. A resistance band is like a rubber band; the more you stretch it, the more strength is exerted. A resistance band is an elastic belt used to exercise. It is mostly used for strength training, but it can also extend to other types of exercises depending on how you use it. There are different types such as loop bands, therapy bands, and resistance bands with handles. Some of the activities done with resistance bands include bicep curls, weight loss, leg exercises, cardio, glute bridge, push-ups, fire hydrants, and so on.


Small Space Home Gym Ideas 2021

For instance, many resistance bands with handles have an ankle attachment that replaces the handle to allow leg exercise. You can stand on the belt to stabilize it while moving the handles sideways or up in a repetitive manner. Or you can wrap it around a secure structure to stabilize it.

The benefits of resistance bands are that they are portable and easy to use anywhere from the sitting room to an office space.


Wall Anchors for Resistance Bands

A Wall anchor resistance band is a wall-mounted device for using resistance bands. For most exercises, just holding a resistance band with your legs or hands is sufficient. However, some gym exercises like chest pull, bicep curls, reverse lunges, triceps extension, and core workout require you to attach the bands to something. You can use other belts like suspension straps, stretch straps, battle ropes, and accelerator ropes aside from resistance bands.

Ideas for Small Space Home Gym

Wall anchors can be mounted on any secure wall surface or door. They are easy to use, install, and take no space in the home and allow users to perform any exercises. Wall anchors usually have safety hooks to attach bands and straps to be pulled from any angle without disengaging.


Hilo Smart Mirror

Hilo Smart Mirror is one of the best ways to exercise in your little space. It is similar to a DIY smart mirror that allows you to have a fun-filled workout experience. With the gym mirror, you can connect your phone to access thousands of on-demand videos on the internet without paying any fee. The mirror is an all-in-one yoga class, boxing ring, track, gym, and so on. It takes about ten feet, leaving enough room to palace your mat and other gym equipment.

smart mirror small space home gym ideas

During moments you do not feel motivated to exercise, the magic mirror comes to your rescue as you can play your some motivation videos. Before you know it, you are through with your exercise. Instead of paying a trainer or a monthly fee to access fitness mirror workout plans, you can download fitness apps like Nike, Adidas, and Fit On, on the Smart Mirror and use them for free. You can try this small space home gym idea.


Adjustable Dumbbells

Traditional dumbbells feature short bars with fixed amounts of weight at the end. They are quite expensive and take some space. However, adjustable dumbbells are different. They contain two large bells made of removable plates (weight) ranging from 10 – 16 pieces. Instead of buying a full set of dumbbells, you buy only one adjustable type.

Best Small Space Gym Idea

Many individuals prefer adjustable dumbbells because they make it easy to save money and space. The weights in adjustable dumbbells are easy to change between exercises. Although they require some practice to get used to, they are excellent alternatives for body muscle, resistance training, balance exercise, strength, abs, and core workout.


Some of the exercises you can do with the dumbbells include bicep curls, bench press, triceps kickbacks, one arm swing, lunges, squats, and one arm swing. The equipment is easy to use, durable, and portable enough to move around.


Foldable Bench

Gone are the days when some exercises had to be done on bare floors or standing. With foldable benches, you can achieve more with all sorts of ab and core exercises. A foldable bench is a piece of equipment like a park bench purposely designed for weight-lifting and other gym exercises. It is effortless to set up and folds back, so it does not occupy much space.

Aside from weight lifting, a foldable bench can be used for cardio, body weight, ab routines, dumbbells, and cross fit. A typical fitness bench is adjustable to accommodate different positions (flat, decline, incline, upright, etc.) and provides enough cushioning for comfort and balance. It must also be sturdy, convenient, and thick enough to endure any high-intensity exercises. A foldable bench can fit anywhere in the house or office. Some foldable chairs come with resistance bands and dumbbells.


Door Frame Pull Up Bar

A door frame pull-up bar is a horizontal bar attached to the door frames from 20 inches – 40 inches wide, making it one of the best home workouts. The device is suitable for upper body strength exercise, and endurance which develops the shoulders, back, and arms. A pull-up bar must be high enough, so users’ feet do not touch the ground, and it can be removed easily when not in use. It also comes with foam pads to protect your door frames from damage, and it is made with secure steel construction for lasting durability.

There are different kinds of pull up exercises such as burpee pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, and L-sits. Door frame pull up bars are easy to use at home, and they deliver impressive workout results. If you are looking to build your strength and a full range of muscles simultaneously, a pull-up bar is the best.



2020 has made us realize that we can achieve many things from the comfort of our homes. One of these activities is gym exercise. Working out at home does not translate to earmarking a whole room or office space to it. You can have a fulfilling exercise routine with that little space when you use gym ideas like the Hilo smart mirror, a mat, foldable bench, resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, wall anchors for resistance bands, and a door frame pull up bar. This 7 are the best small space home gym ideas for workout.

This equipment delivers the same result as what you will get in a gym, and they can fit into as little as a 10-feet space.

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