🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆

🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆

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How to Use a Smart Mirror as a Home Gym in 2022

Smart Mirrors for Home Workouts

A smart mirror does the job of a regular mirror in a sophisticated and enhanced technology manner. Also called a virtual mirror, a smart mirror is a device that reflects one’s image on a screen, so it appears like a real mirror. The device is born out of the need to provide people who work out with more than just the reflection of their body, but with other great features like light, camera, audio, voice control, music, video display, etc. Besides, smart mirrors have inputs such as a USB outlet, and an audio jack that connects to any sound system, a wireless keyboard to search and maneuver the display menu, and the internet.

Due to different work nature and the pandemic, many people have embraced home workouts more than ever. It saves them time and money, and for some, they achieve their fitness goals faster. And that is where Hilo smart mirrors come in. There are many types of smart mirrors ranging from mobile phone applications to ordinary hardware. But the Hilo virtual mirror is a bit different as it is built exclusively for fitness training in the comfort of your home. It features an LCD panel with stereo and speakers, and it measures approximately 23.5 inches wide, 31.5 inches high, and an inch thick.

The Hilo smart mirror device extends beyond your ordinary mirror and is exceptionally perfect for a home workout. It offers on-demand videos on yoga, boxing, and cardio classes. Consequently, users have the best fitness experience that makes them fulfilled. The magic mirror is also your go-to when you need to check your look.

Hilo helps you stay close to your loved ones as you send messages across to them as you write messages directly using the touch screen feature. Additionally, you can connect it with your phone to see who is at the door, watch your favorite videos, and read the morning newspaper before stepping out. For your flawless make-up, Hilo is always at your service.


Hilo Vs. Mirror.co Vs. Echelon – Why You Should Choose Hilo.

All smart mirrors look the same, but they are different. Unlike Mirror.com and Tonal Smart Mirror that enforce subscription fees ranging from $39.99 to $599.99 for extra video classes, Hilo Magic Mirror makes it completely free. Besides, why should you pay for millions of video content roaming about freely on the internet? You are just some clicks away from these videos.

Another great advantage Hilo mirror gym has over Tonal Smart Mirror and Mirror.co is its enhanced functionality. When not in use, other smart mirrors are ineffective and useless; thereby, limiting their functions. Hilo mirror performs more than a reflecting device. Thanks to its bluetooth and integrated speakers, you connect to any audio device to listen to music. You can have a connected home by streaming video content, displaying picture galleries, and slide shows – all on the magic mirror. In addition, Hilo allows you to connect with your friends on social media and keep abreast of the latest news and weather conditions, so you know how to plan your schedule after workouts. With all these, Hilo is your one shot to having all your connected devices in one place.


On-Demand WorkOuts

Why scour the internet for paid fitness videos when you can always get multitudes of videos for free on this magic mirror? Hilo mirror lets you access the latest videos on yoga, boxing, aerobics, cardio, strength, stretch, and pilates. Mind you; it is not necessarily to finish a video class at a go. You can pause it, go about your activities, and Hilo videos will still be there for you.

From a developer perspective, the Hilo DIY smart mirror has a profound effect on your health as it keeps your well-being in check by allowing you to connect it with your devices to get all health information at once. For instance, you can monitor your body fat, weight, and muscle mass; examine your sleep pattern on the sleep monitor, keep tabs on your heart rate, calorie intake, and daily steps on your smartwatch.

Due to its intuitive platform, Hilo allows you to download fitness and lifestyle apps like NTC (Nike Training Club), Instagram, Spotify, and Freeletics.


5 Best Free Platforms for Home Workout

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NTC stands for Nike Training Club, and it is a fitness App created to help users crush their fitness goals quickly. The App offers over 100 video activities on cardio, strength, upper body, lower body, ab, and full-body workout. These workouts are all supervised by Nike fitness experts and professionals who take you by hand to go through rigorous and intense exercises that are effective. The brief tells you which gym equipment you will be using, and each video is about 15minutes – 60 minutes.

Nike fitness App is flexible as it allows you either take an individual class or select from the multi-week program. You also have access to experts’ advice on nutrition, recovery tips, and general well-being.


YMCA 360

YMCA 360 is one of the best free workouts for older adults out there. The App offers many on-demand videos for active adults who like to stay fit and healthy. Some of the classes include Y Box, weightlifting, boot camp-specific workouts, yoga, Tai Chi, and barre. Aside from this, there is a section for youth and kids to have soccer experience and exercises to help develop their mental and physical skills. The workouts are self-paced, and you can modify them to suit your preference.


5 Minute Yoga

5 minute Yoga is a fitness app that allows you to quickly have a deep and meditative moment with improved core strengths. There is no hard commitment, and the workouts are changed, so it does not get boring. It features daily and new yoga exercises along with an on-screen timer that tells you how long you need to be in a particular position. It fulfills its 5 minutes promise by offering just five yoga postures, and you are done for the day.

If you do not feel the workouts enough, you can unlock more long and intense content with a fee. This App is perfect for yoga beginners who need to maintain their habit for a while.


Life Time Athletic

Life Time Athletic App is suitable for beginners in fitness. In this app, members and non-member can access several cardio, strength, and yoga classes. This app allows users to choose fitness activities according to their muscle group, fitness equipment at hand, and workout type – be it cardio, ab, or full-body workout. Besides, the videos prepare you ahead by telling you the length of time and equipment you will need.

Although the exercises on Life Time Athletic are for beginners, they still keep you sweating and your heart beating very fast.


Fight Camp

For those who love to fight it out, here you have Fight Camp App. It is a free boxing app for all fitness levels alongside over 300 fitness workout routines. All you need is your bag, gloves, and sensors to track your punches while you shadowbox. If you like a level-specific workout routine, the app can suggest suitable activities for you. It may not look like much, considering you are not in an actual ring. But this app provides many intense full-body exercises that make you sweat in no less than 25 minutes.


Laptops and TVs are not Suitable for Workouts.

While laptops and TVs are alternatives to the real gym, they are not suitable for workouts. Often, you only have access to your trainer and the screen. So it is hard to see if you are following the routine correctly or not. Besides, body injuries, like calf injuries and muscle sprain, may occur due to your inability to know whether you are doing the appropriate workout activities.

Additionally, distractions like a knock on the door and spilling your water on the laptop or TV are imminent when you use TVs and Laptops as guides for your exercises. This is why the Hilo magic mirror is water-resistant, and it allows you to have a connected home to keep an eye on the front door using a synced security platform to avoid distraction. So, if you have workout goals to achieve on time, it would be best if you go with Hilo mirrors.



Hilo Mirror offers you more than a mirror as it sits perfectly anywhere in your home. It is your all-in-one smart mirror. Aside from its primary fitness function, the Hilo mirror lets you play music, read the latest news, explore many video contents, display a photo gallery, connect with friends through social media without any fee.

If you are focused on your well-being, Hilo can help you stay healthy by monitoring your heart rate, calorie intake, sleep pattern, and so on. In summary, our magic mirror lets you enjoy your workout routine, and achieve your fitness goals faster than you think, and have more than a mirror experience.

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