Thank you for purchasing this Smart mirror. Before installation, please read this user manual first and keep it with you for later reference.

    • Please keep Smart mirror away from any heat or under direct sun light.
    • Please keep Smart mirror away from anything that can generate heat, such as candles, ashtrays, incantation, combustible gas or explosive substance.
    • Please do not overload your wall sockets, extension power cables.
    • Please place the power cable properly without anything pressing again the power cable.
    • For safety reasons, please unplug Smart mirror power in storm weather or when you won't be using Smart mirror for a long time.
    • Please use proper direct current supply for Smart mirror. Make sure your local DC power is withinsafety range.
    • In case of any electric shock, please do not insert any metal object into Smart mirror sockets.
    • Please make sure power jack is plugged in tightly into your power socket. Unplug power jack when you disconnect Smart mirror.
    • Please do not touch Smart mirror's power cable with wet hands.
    • In case of any malfunction, especially when there's unusual sound or smell coming out of Smart mirror, please unplug the power and contact your supplier immediately.
    • If you'll be leaving Smart mirror unused for a very long time or traveling with our senior family members, children and people with disabilities at home, please make sure to unplug Smart mirror.
    • Too much dirt on the power socket or cable might generate heat and cause insulation aging, please keep it clean in case of electric shock and fire.
    • Please make sure your power socket is well grounded in case of electric shock or damage to Smart mirror.
    • To unplug Smart mirror is to unplug from your power socket, for convenience, we recommend you to use power socket with its own ON/OFF switch.
    • Please do not allow children to play with Smart mirror.
    • Please install Smart mirror in a safe place, any wobble or tilt installation puts Smart mirror in avulnerable position.
    • In case of fall and damage to Smart mirror, please unplug the power and contact your local supplier immediately.
    • Unplug Smart mirror before you clean it. Use soft and dry cloth to wipe it clean. Do not use any chemical solution on Smart mirror surface for it might erode Smart mirror.

Warning: Please keep Smart mirror away from candles or any other fire or heat.

1 Quick Guide


Standard Smart Mirror package contains the following items as below. Please contact your local retailer if anything is missing. Some of the items in this manual may differ because of customization or model.


Smart Mirror is a mirror that comes with a touch screen, display and integrated speakers, microphone and motion sensors. Mirror is an interactive terminal and a comprehensive hub for all smart devices. Smart Mirror helps to connect to health devices or simply be used as entertainment device.

Back View
Quick Guide
1、Startup & Shut down
2、Motion Sensor

When Smart mirror is on standby, it'll turn on the screen when the motion sensor detects a person is
approaching. Smart mirror will turn OFF the display after 15 seconds if not in use. Screen timer can be set by
users through the build-in HILO APP (Available on the home screen)

3、Wifi network setting

Home page > setting> > Wi-Fi > Select your personnal Wifi > Once connected, you will be
able to browse internet and download Apps.


HILO bluetooth is ON by default. Once external devices (Smart Scale, Sleep monitor, Blood pressure monitor, Blood sugar monitor and etc..) are ON, they will be available for pairing from the blutooth menu in settings

5、Connect to external smart devices

Different smart devices work with mirror through different protocols, Smart mirror supports Wifi, and bluetooth. Refer to smart device user manual for demonstration.

2 Installation

Installation Demonstration

3 Dimensions


4 Specification


5 Connection

Connect to power

1. Connect Mirror to power as shown above.
2. Once successfully connected, touch button below display area is RED.

Connect to USB device

Insert USB drive or portable hard drive to Mirror through USB port.
Note: Please do NOT insert USB devices to OTG port.

6 Others


1. Use only original power cable that comes with the Smart Mirror.
2. Keep power cable in good shape and condition.
3. In any case of malfunction, unplug Smart Mirror immediately.
4. Unplug the Smart Mirror if you won't be using it for a long time.

In any case of malfunction, before sending Smart Mirror for maintenance, please read the following instructions and solution.


Troubleshooting is only for users who are facing major operating issues on Smart mirror. If users should have problems with specific functional page, please go to your retailer to get user manuals on specific functions.

Couldn't start up Smart Mirror

1. Check if power jack is loose.

No image/sound or bad display

1.Make sure settings are properly adjusted
2.Call your supplier.