🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆

🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆


Internet of things smart mirror using Artificial Intelligence

The IoT based smart mirror system is a basis of user’s awareness of various input functions using enhanced real time to facilitate users an intelligent and adaptive user interface for natural communication through sensors that are used in mobile phones, and smart watches and now in smart mirrors in order to connect our system to the internet to get updated information.

Objective of IoT in Smart Mirror

 Smart mirrors are now a part of this to connect world where users would be able to see news, temperature, weather and more just while looking and grooming in front of smart mirrors through its proposed system for a futuristic and modern lifestyle. Now we use raspberry pi to connect with the internet using an IOT circuit and the temperature interface to display it on the mirror fitted on the internet mirror saves a lot of time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes smart equipment more interactive with the capability to easily process the captured information. As nowadays, working professionals follow a busy schedule and hardly find time to check daily information such as daily stock market update, social media newsfeed, traffic jam update, weather forecast and so on. Smart mirrors help the users to receive all this information. In addition, an AI-based face detection technology ensures a specific level of security.

An intelligent mirror creates a smart reflection using the concept of using a two-way mirror as a functional object with data science, and machine learning-based assistant with other software systems and services for gathering data on indoor gadgets.

How important is the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart mirrors?

 IoT has become one of the most important technologies in smart mirrors of the 21st century to connect objects to connected things to make day-to-day lives even more comfortable by bringing technology in a traditional household mirror and making it smart.

An electronic device as an intelligent mirror that focuses on control techniques because most smart mirrors focus on displaying information.Moreover, its IoT technology acts as an eye tracking and focusing to interact with the user.

  • Smart mirrors with its functions aim to introduce abilities for human interactivities for day’s activities to control household activities with Internet of Things to exchange
  • It provides a means of communication between people and things using IoT for making life more easier and
  • The smart mirror has the ability to display date and time, weather conditions, news updates, etc through browsers with IoT enhancing
  • The regular home appliances will be equipped with a smart mirror to connect them to the internet and interact with each other to cater to the
  • Raspberry pi based processor board Less time required to see the global updates for the display housing to be fitted in the smart mirror.
  • Smart mirrors make day-to-day lives easier and faster for health monitoring of people irrespective of their age which are collected through biomedical sensors present in the smart
  • The virtual smart mirror can act as a fashion consultant that recommends appropriate wearing and outfits as it provides guided help to find out what to wear to make their own decisions.
  • The system is implemented through a smart mirror to determine makeup features that mostly fits for the user’s face by applying it on the facial
    • IoT in smart mirrors fulfill the objective of the study is to use an internet mirror displaying anatomical structures of the users body 3D models for the body organs, text information and images for the learning process of
    • In terms of sports the main goal of smart mirrors for fitness and wellness exercises is so that users can evaluate the current physical state through a smart mirror.
    • Iot based smart mirror consists of a multimedia player that aims to improve the user mood and increase motivation having a positive effect on the user’s
    • The main objective of smart mirrors is to provide education and entertainment for the public places via camera where screen act as a mirror as a reflection of many virtual objects
  • Smart mirror concentrates IoT design and can recognise and analyse faces that senses the presence of people in front of mirror for security purposes to make users more
  • At first, the off-state internet mirror behaves as a normal mirror while enable users through mirror sensors with the interacted environment by recognising people, identifying them and monitoring their emotions.


The focus was on smart mirror applications based on medical, fashion, academic and sports fields as a distance learning. The Internet of Things (IoT) in smart mirrors allows users to communicate all over the world. Apart from this other smart home devices on an interactive screen for different purposes such as AC, refrigerator, TV to control devices on the internet through a reflective screen.

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