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Hilo™ Light

LED lights · 13.5’’ Touch Screen · Motion detectors · Stereo Speakers · Microphone · Waterproof · Leather handle · 3 ways to hang it · Antifog layer* · 20” Diameter, 1.4” Depth

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30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Hilo™ XL* – Limited Edition

21.5″ Large Touch Screen · Motion Detectors · Stereo Speakers · Microphone · Water Resistant · Easy installation · Easy to use. Height 31.5″ – Width 23.5″ – Depth 1.4″

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Client Reviews


I’ve been using a multitude of fitness apps and accessories over the last few years and none had an effect as profound as Hilo. Being able to workout whenever I want, in my living room, but with the guidance of a professional is amazing! And when not in use it looks terrific too, love the super clean design. I highly recommend.

Carl Lapointe - Montreal


I used my friends Hilo Mirror when I was visiting her and absolutely loved it. I like to follow makeup tutorials, but I dropped my phone twice and had to replace the screen. In addition Hilo Light has a strong LED light for makeup. I loved it so much I purchased one when I got back in town. Officially hooked.

Emily Kelley - New York


I find simple mirrors so boring since I have my Hilo Light! I love the convenience and flexibility. Everything I do on my phone, Hilo does it as well, A must-have in your home #Nailedit

Anna - Boston

Mathieu Garcia

The utility and convenience Hilo brings is second to none. I downloaded all my apps and they work like a charm. I initially used it at a friend’s house and was immediately convinced I had to buy one for myself. I am someone who enjoys going to the gym but on those days we’re stuck home, Hilo gives me more freedom so I’m more constant on my workouts. The mirror itself is sleek and looks amazing. Great company. Awesome product. Worth every penny.

Mathieu Garca - Toronto