🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆

🥇 Voted the #1 Best Smart Mirror in the World | Popular Mechanics 🏆


Smart Mirror VS. Fitness Mirror: Why a Smart Mirror is the Best for your Workout

The mirror is the place we go when we’re looking for fitness results. The man (or woman) in the mirror represents the success of your exercise routine. Because of this, people all over the world are turning to their mirrors as a one-stop-shop for staying fit. They’re doing it with smart mirrors. 

You can watch your favorite workout class, track your progress, or perfect your form all in one place without needing to leave your home. With a mirror workout, you can compare your form and procedure to your virtual instructor directly with your reflection overlayed or next to them. You’ll never tweak a hamstring from an incorrect yoga stretch ever again. 

However, your smart mirror doesn’t have to be limited to fitness alone. Buying a smart mirror is better than a fitness mirror because of all the extra perks. You can begin your day at the mirror with access to the news, the weather, and your social apps. A smart mirror can even remind you so that you never forget a workout.

Take a look at the article below to learn why a smart mirror is the best choice for your home gym and our top choice mirror gym. 

The Best Mirror for your Home Gym: Hilo XL

Fitness mirror

When it comes to mirrors that keep you in shape, Hilo has figured it out. At the head of their industry in terms of smart mirror products, they have developed a system that can help get your day started, keep you more organized, and of course, aid in your fitness routine. 

Hilo XL has several features in terms of fitness that make it the perfect product for your home gym. First of all, it’s big. It’s a full-length mirror at a little over 30” tall and 23” wide with a massive 21” monitor, so you won’t have to worry about your exercises stretching off-screen. Tracking your progress has never been so easy. There are also tons of applications available for the Hilo XL.

Beyond fitness, there are a million other ways to use this smart mirror. It can access social media, the weather, and news, as we mentioned before. But you can sync it with your devices and use it for entertainment by showing videos or galleries or even playing music. With App Store (Play Store) enabled, you have any app you like at your fingertip. 

These additional features make Hilo XL a better choice than other mirrors on the market designed for virtual fitness. With no subscription and 0% interest. It is a lot cheaper than its biggest competitors and offers a system more diverse and interactive. The average fitness mirror will cost you more and is only useful for exercise. But that’s not the only problem with competing fitness mirrors. 

The Problem with Buying a Fitness Mirror

Getting on to the home workout mirror train is a good idea. However, this technology can be expensive, and it’s vital to get the most for the investment. Take a look below to see the two biggest problems with competing fitness mirrors vs. smart mirrors. 

Monthly Subscriptions

One of the most frustrating things in the world is spending a lot of money on a product to find out you have to pay for something more. The tech industry is infested with subscriptions and paywalls that turn great products into money pits quickly. Two of the leading fitness mirror manufacturers, mirror.co and Tonal.com, charge subscription fees in addition to their substantial upfront costs. Paying 40+ dollars every month for a mirror workout after an investment of more than a thousand dollars is never a fun time. With Hilo XL, you get all of your workouts for free, and it even costs less than mirror.co and Tonal’s products. 

No Additional Features

If you’re going to spend more than one thousand dollars on a piece of smart furniture, you might want it to offer a little more than a workout routine. Neither Tonal nor Mirror.co allow you to access the news, the weather, or social media. They also don’t have the entertainments and home security features that Hilo XL supplies. When you purchase a fitness mirror, you are only buying an object for working out. By purchasing a Hilo XL smart mirror, you’re getting your social media, weather, news, home devices, entertainment, and fitness needs all in one place for a better price. 

Important Questions about Workout Mirrors

Now that we know it’s better to buy a smart mirror than a fitness mirror, let’s look at some common questions and misconceptions regarding smart mirrors and your home gym. 

Why is a Fitness Mirror Good for your Home?

smart mirror vs fitness mirror

Gym memberships are expensive. But there are some aspects of a public gym that you can’t get in your home. One thing people love about going to the gym is the various fitness classes offered there. If you’re an inexperienced gym-goer or want to learn a new routine/skill, these classes can be the only place to flourish. 

Not anymore. You can get the same quality training that you would receive in any gym class in the comfort of your own home. You will learn one on one with a virtual instructor whose lessons have been proven to work time and time effectively again. In the past, people needed to balance their phone or computer on a table or chair while they worked out. Now you can do your routine while also checking and improving your form.

The progress tracking features on these workout mirrors also make it easier to keep up with your successes than ever before. You won’t need to write down your weight or calculate on the scale ever again. With smart scale connected to Hilo, your smart wall mirror will take care of everything for you. 

What Applications are Popular for SmartMirrors and Homefitness? 

Peloton is one of the best options because it has workouts designed specifically for smart mirrors. Their website features some of these high-energy workouts from professional trainers in strength, yoga, running, stretching, meditation, and many more. Unfortunately, this app does require a subscription. 

If you’re a fan of yoga, you should consider downloading yoga for beginners on your smart mirror. While it isn’t specifically for mirror workouts, you’ll find a vibrant application with several routines for all skill levels. It even has features where you can select music and specific routines like one “restorative,” which has no standing poses. The app has more features if you pay for a subscription, but the free version is sufficient. 

Can you Use a Smart Mirror if You’re Out of Shape?  

Absolutely. The applications available are stratified to include people of all skill levels, and their intensity can be adjusted, so no worries about a hard workout killing your motivation. 

Also, the progress tracking in the smart mirror can help manage diet and other aspects of weight loss. Recording all these numbers can seem tedious or time-consuming to do on your own, but the smart mirror makes the process fun and intuitive.  

Smart Mirrors VS. Fitness Mirrors: The winner

If you’re looking for a mirror to help you work out, it should be the Hilo XL. Other fitness mirrors just don’t have the capacity and versatility. With such a necessary purchase, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money and the most from your mirror workouts. Hilo is the only company that can guarantee both. So, stop staring at yourself and get exercising! 

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