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What is a Makeup Mirror?

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A few years ago, people were comfortable with ordinary mirrors in their bedrooms and washrooms. Nowadays, the tides have changed, all thanks to the entertainment industry who repeatedly shoved makeup mirrors in our faces every time. Consequently, the awareness of makeup mirrors is on the rise, and they have become a part of every woman out there. So what exactly is a makeup mirror?

A makeup mirror is a mirror with built-in light placed on a surface or mounted on the wall or door to give a clear reflection of your face. It is mostly used to apply makeup on the face, fix the hair. Some of the other names used for a makeup mirror include a tabletop mirror, cosmetic mirror, vanity mirror, pedestal mirror, and magnifying mirror. Even though it is called a makeup mirror, men also use it for shaving and to get a clean cut; hence, the name shaving mirror. Mirrors generally are a girl’s best friend. It is not just useful in the room, but also the shower room and the passageway.

The mirrors come in different styles and designs and shapes such as square, oval, and round. While some makeup mirrors provide illumination with various light settings for a better view, other mirrors enhance your view.

Why do you need a makeup mirror?

A makeup mirror is crucial for so many reasons that you will soon understand. Aside from illuminating your face, so you can see; clearly, a makeup mirror discourages shadows casting on your face due to its sidelight. Besides, if you will throw some bucks on a cosmetic mirror, it would be best to know why you are paying for it. Below are some of the reasons you need a makeup mirror.

Light Setting for Best Makeup

There are three major types of makeup mirrors. They are LED lights, fluorescent light, and incandescent light. If you wish for a daylight-like illumination, fluorescent and LED makeup mirrors are the best as they are brighter. As for incandescent, you get a milder and warmer light for your makeup.

Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lighted Makeup Mirror

A Lighted makeup mirror with the appropriate light setting provides a clearer natural view of your face, which might be difficult when using an ordinary mirror. The magic mirror also has various magnifications ranging from 2x to 10x, making you see several shades of your face.

Makeup application requires a subtle skill of accuracy, patience, and measurement. Suppose you do not have this; however, no need to worry. A makeup mirror with light allows you to be more accurate when applying lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter, and eyeliner; thereby, leaving no stone unturned. And if you wear contact lenses, the mirror will help you place them safely and correctly. You can also zoom in to pluck tiny hair around the face and trim eyebrows.

Wear Less Makeup with Illuminating Mirrors

Remember those moments you had to apply every kit in your makeup box to look very beautiful? Those days are stressful, right? You did not know if your foundation is blended enough or not, so you keep adding layers after layers. Consequently, you became another face entirely and wasted a lot of time.

Makeup Mirror In Canada

Makeup Mirror In Canada

The best makeup still makes you look your best without transforming your look entirely. If you are the type that prefers soft and cool makeup, you should go for illuminating mirrors. They light up those tiny pores, small black spots, and growing tiny hair on the face in the most natural way. You can also see the magnitude of your eyeliner, contour, and highlighter and decide if your face needs more enhancement. This will help you minimize a lot of time and effort to get going for your event.

Flawless Makeup Application

Flawless makeup leaves your face smooth and crystal-clear. For you to have a feel of this, you need a mirror that enables you to see and correct imperfect shading, uneven facial tone, peeling of the face, and cracked lips when applying lipsticks. With its magnifying lights and different light setting, eye-straining tasks like shaping eyebrows, cutting nose hair, and plucking eyelashes become effortless because you have a zoomed and clearer view.

Additionally, the mirrors are ideal for applying makeup in different environments – outside in the garden, bathrooms, rooms, dorms, and offices. Some have different lighting settings such as natural, cooler, and warmer, allowing it to blend with any time of the day. Besides, the LED light/bulb placed around the mirror gives daylight illumination when the sun refuses to come through. Hence, it is a source of light for your rooms and bathrooms.

Close Shaping Eyebrows

A typical lady knows that shaping eyebrows is the most sensitive and difficult task for face modification style. Professional salon attendants get paid to shape perfect and smooth eyebrows. With a makeup mirror, however, you need not waste money on shaping your eyebrows. You can set the lighting to give you softer and closer lighting that is not harsh, so you can pluck every tiny piece of your eyebrow while focusing on the entire face.

Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Lighted Bathroom Mirror

(Source: https://www.hilosmartmirror.com/)

Lighted Bathroom Mirror – Even the best sunlight reflection cannot guarantee you a well-lit bathroom suitable for your makeup and shower. A bathroom is a place where you ensure you are clean from head to toe. A Lighted bathroom mirror makes this very easy as it illuminates your washroom completely to blend with real daylight. Hilo Smart Mirror light model gives you this feature with its side LED light. It gives adequate light without casting any shadow on your face when applying cosmetics.

The Hilo smart mirror is more than a reflection of your face. It transforms your bathroom from a boring mood to a relaxed and calm one due to its different powerful LED light setting. You can switch from the candlelight mode perfect for night shower to daylight with the Hilo App in no time. The cold light mode is the most suitable for makeup, while the warm light sets the atmosphere for relaxation. The smart mirror is water and mist resistant, making it safe to use as long as you want in the bathroom. And its IP65 Ratings prevent water from splashing on the surface.

Hilo Light comes with an earth-friendly light-slip, so you have to select different modes on the magic mirror to see your makeup’s natural color before stepping out.

Hilo Light features a built-in Playstore for users to have access to many applications. Hilo magic mirror give you access to free on-demand makeup tutorials to achieve a flawless face beat and watch your favorite TV shows simultaneously. All these can be achieved on Hilo mirror without a subscription. Through its Wifi, USB, and Bluetooth, you can use your magic mirror with other devices like smart hairbrushes, electric toothbrushes, smart scales, and fitness trackers.

With its touch screen, you can navigate easily through apps, websites, and social media platforms. You can instantly connect with your friends on social media and write a message to them using the touch screen. And when the screen is off, Hilo Light looks like an ordinary mirror. The mirror’s built-in motion and sensor automatically make the mirror switch on when it senses your presence and switches off to save energy, leading to lasting durability and the best user experience. It is also fingerprint protected, so your information and other important will be secured.


A makeup mirror gives a fun-filled experience while applying cosmetics. It goes beyond a reflection device to a symbol of glitz, glamour, and entertainment. Aside from giving a crystal-clear view of your face, it ensures that every tiny detail of your face is obvious. It allows you to use less makeup, brightens up your rooms and bathrooms. It also comes with an adjustable light setting, so you can have warm, cool, or natural lighting to suit your preference, such as a cozy, quiet, and relaxed night shower.

Hilo smart mirror light is one of those makeup mirrors you should have. It illuminates your bathrooms and spices up its environment. Moreover, its waterproof feature prevents mist damage and water splashing on the surface. And you can connect your smartphone with the magic mirror to access makeup tutorials to practice with and watch your favorite shows.

Have a flawless makeup and a relaxing bathroom with a cosmetic mirror today. You can never go wrong with it.

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